Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

Life is ever fleeting. What are you doing now that is going to be important or significant later? Are you living to make a name for yourself or are you living for something bigger, something lasting? Life is a precious and fragile gift. More often than not we take it for granted.

We think the world is ending if we don't have the right clothes, the BEST technology has to offer, popularity. Here in America we get spoiled rotten. Living in our cushy air conditioned houses, most likely never missing a meal. But what about other people? Look at the bigger picture. Refocus on something other than yourself for once. There are people out there hurting and we are just to oblivious to actually see them. Living in the street, scrounging for a morsel of anything to help satisfy the grumbling in their bellies. How about babies being dumped in trash heaps or thrown in the ocean? NO THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN...It does. What are you gonna do about it?

Now, you are probably wondering, what the fishsticks is up with her? Well yesterday my Dad and two of his buddies set off for the Phillipines. Whoa, when did this happen? What is he doing going halfway around the world for? He's being apart of something bigger than himself. He's breaking the glass. How he got involved seems like an unexpected coincidence but nothing is coincidental. It started with a simple, "What are you doing in July?" and ended up snowballing into something amazing. For the next two weeks he will be part of founding an orphanage in Aklan, Phillipines. Crazy huh?

God works in strange ways. Are you willing to listen and step out in faith to do what seems impossible? To live to change the world? To make a lasting impact for the kingdom of God? If we don't reach out to help those in need who will?

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That's my two cents! Peace!!!