Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Where to even being...

Sometimes life is a breeze...sometimes it slinks by torturously slow and sometimes it knocks you down without a second glance or offer to help you back up again. Stuff happens that you'd never thought would...and everything ends up crashing down on you. Events in life that rock you to your core. Thinking that you could never possibly recover from and giving up sounds like the only way of relief. But you DO end up holding on...if for only a moment or hour or day...And you get through whatever it was that sent you into such a dark place. Realizing that even though something is super challenging in the moment it is actually brighter on the other side. Those are good things. Trials that help to shape us into people who are more mature, wise, and perserverent. Good people....better people..if only you can manage to HOLD ON!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


There's nothing like being a kid again...if just for a moment. For the past week or so its been raining so I finally decided to go have a little fun. Sadly I didn't have the "proper" rain clothes on so momzy was like...WHY?! (Apparently Uggs and purple skinny jeans aren't puddle jumping clothes.) But all in all, I am glad I did it.

Smile By Uncle Kracker

So I am not really a country fan but this doesn't sound too country so I like it :] Been stuck in my head all day so I thought I'd share it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sorry people that I've neglected to actually write on here anymore...But its not like this is a very "popular" blog so I am not to worried that someone is freaking out. If that even makes sense?The reason for not writing can mostly be blamed on the fact that the pull of Facebook is pretty strong. And it can be just plain easier on me to just update a status here and there...and even then I rarely post one. You'd think that since I love writing I would be better at this but its not really. So anyways...That's why. God bless!