Saturday, January 31, 2009

Walking around town.

So me and my friend were bored today so we decided to walk to a coffee shop in town. It was cold and like some people might of thought that we were dumb but it was SO FUN!!! But it was really icy and we almost fell but still it was so FUN!!! Yeah just thought I would say that.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cool Video


Hey fellow bored people. I have a question. Is it possible to die of boredom? I sometimes think that but then again if it was possible then I should already be gone, right? Well, only if you know me then you would probably know how bored I get on the weekends. Since I have nothing more to do but sit around the house and watch TV, read books, and be BORED! Since volleyball is long gone and I do NOT play basketball (mostly because I STINK AT IT!!!) I have nothing to do on the weekends. Oh, and I have another question! Why is it that when we sleep at night its A.M. but during the day when we are awake its called P.M.? So does that mean that we sleep in the morning but are awake at night? Well, I think that is it so yeah I have nothing more to say...Anyways...Ha I win! (Oh yeah probably no one will know what that means so...Oh Well)