Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Difference ~Philmont~

Oh look its another video. I have nothing better to say lately so I guess videos are it for now. Bye! ♥Syreena♥

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sound Of Your Name ~Above The Golden State~

Comatose Live ~Skillet~

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have been on the Compy for over an hour now and I have done nothing productive!!! So yeah my weekends are pretty dull and boring but that's just my life! Oh I did something today and it was amazing! I ran outside just after it stopped raining and it felt great! There is just something about after a rainfall that is just wonderful. It is like the air feels so clean and smells crisp and fresh. Yeah you are probably thinks She has totally lost her marbles! But I haven't I was just enjoying the fresh air! I just love the rain so much! And after winter it is so nice to just get out of the house WITHOUT freezing.

Anyways...I think I am done or I could just like start rambling about nothing now. But even if I was rambling about "Nothing" it would still be rambling about SOMETHING! I don't know...I am over thinking I suppose...or am I? I don't know...Thinking hurts. Ok let me explain. Have you ever been doing something like let's say...MATH...and you are sitting there and like trying your hardest to figure it out and then BRAIN CRAMP!!! Ok so maybe none of you have had something like that happen to YOU but it happens to ME every once in a while. Oh well, I wasted enough of your time for today...BU-BYE!!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Times By ~Tenth Avenue North~

I know i need you
I need to love you
I love to see you, and its been so long
I long to feel you
I feel this need for you
And I need to hear you is that so wrong?

oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh

Now you pulled me near you
When we're close I fear you
Still im afraid to tell you all that i've done
Are you done forgiving?
Or can you pass my pretending? Lord
I'm so tired of defending what I've become
What have I become?

oh oh, oh oh, oh oh.

I hear you say "My love is over, its underneath,
Its inside, its in between
The times you doubt me, when you can't feel
The times that you've questioned 'is this for real?'

The times you've broken, the times that you mend
The times you hate me and the times that you bend

Well my love is over, its underneath,
Its inside, its in between, these times you're healing
And when your heart breaks
The times that you feel like you've fallen from grace

The times you're hurting ,the times that you heal
The times you go hungry and attempted to steal

In times of confusion and chaos and pain
I'm there in your sorrow under the weight of your shame

I'm there through your heartache
I'm there in the storm

My love I will keep you by my power alone
I dont care where you've fallen, where you have been
I'll never forsake you my love never ends, it never ends

mmm, mmm
oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

Monday, March 16, 2009

Under My Skin ~Skillet~

When I feel you close to me
It's easy to believe
To the depths and back again
To find that I'm still needing
Feel the fear dissipate
When you are everything you are
Feel my soul come awake
You carry me away

When I hurt, when I bleed
You're holding me
Feel you scratching at the surface
Under my skin

Oh, under my skin

Oh the sweet serenity
I'm beautifully addicted
You are more than I can take
I crave you undiluted
You calm the ache, I come awake
When you are everything you are
Feel the fear dissipate
You carry me away

When I hurt, when I bleed
You're holding me
Feel you scratching at the surface
Under my skin

Oh, under my skin

Oh, yeah

Could I be lost
Could I disappear
Could I be lost
Would you find me here?
Could I be lost in a secret place?
Could I rest in the shadow of your face

Oh the sweet
(Could I be lost, could I disapper?)
(Could I be lost, would you find me here?)
(Could I be lost in a secret place?)
A part of me
(Could I rest in the shadow of your face?)

When I hurt, when I bleed
You're holding me
Feel you scratching at the surface
Under my skin

Oh, under my skin


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

*Happy sigh*

Yeah I have no idea why I am posting but I just felt like it so...ok. Yeah so happy sighs are really...nice I guess but sometimes people think you are sad if you do it to loud because well, people sigh when they are sad..sometimes. Anyways...this is a wasted post so I think I might as well leave.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yes sleep is VERY good for me...Uh never mind that. But cereally I love sleep but lately I just can't get enough of it. I am always waking up like at 3 then at 5 A.M. (THAT'S IN THE MORNING!!!) every single day for like the past two weeks. It's like I am laying there sound asleep...sometimes having dreams...and then all of a sudden I wake up...EVERYDAY!!! So yeah I am just kinda really annoyed about it ,and so lately I have been way more tired then I already was so its kinda depressing because I want to sleep! Oh and COFFEE because that is really good and I haven't had it in like a super long time!

OK so I had a dream last night about stars...They were the most BEA-utiful stars I had ever seen in my whole life (Of course they were in a dream so DUH of course they were beautiful) But I was just sitting in the room and I saw a telescope so I walked over to it. And what I liked about this telescope was that I could take really AWESOME pictures of the stars with it. Yeah so um...I have had other dreams but I will keep it to myself because it pretty much has NOTHING to do with this post and yeah...ANYWAYS...


Monday, March 2, 2009


Ok so this is a video of my friends playing was intense! And I was really REALLY tempted to make it fall over , but I resisted!!!! Check it out. And see how it ends...Oh and if you listen hard enough you can hear a really funny conversation! But I won't tell you what it is so you will have to listen!