Wednesday, August 19, 2009


"Don't try and clean up your life then come to Jesus, Come to Jesus and let HIM clean up your life for you."

I like this because well, if I would of had to have been perfect just to have God in my life then well...I wouldn't be able to do it. I have made so many mistakes and said so many mean things that I know I can't take back. No one has to be perfect and He loves us all no matter what. He just may not like how we are living our lives but he doesn't hate us he only hates our sins. So yeah that was just my thoughts for today...Even if this is like the second (or was it third?) post of the day.



Raja-Man said...

amen...preach sister, preach it!!!

who said the quote?

Syreena K. Zycest said...

I am not sure if he came up with it but Pastor Levi at Fresh Life says it when he is giving people a chance to come to Jesus.

Raja-Man said...

sweeeeet!!!.....I miss you...

yea, hobbit...i miss you too